Added Security For Alleged Shooter’s Hearing

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STROUDSBURG — Authorities in the Poconos were taking no chances that there would any problems at a hearing for shooting suspect Shicon Jordan.

Jordan had his preliminary hearing Monday for three different cases including a shooting at the Econo Lodge in Stroudsburg last month.

It was the judge’s decision to move the hearing to the Monroe County courthouse because of security concerns.

Jordan was subdued as he walked into the Monroe County Courthouse facing criminal attempted homicide charges along with a slew of others offenses.

A district judge moved the preliminary hearing for security reasons.

Less than two weeks ago, Jordan has a lot to say walking out of his arraignment in district court.

“Remember at the end of the day, there’s a lady that’s saying she did this.  I was in New York or New Jersey when this happened.  I’m not taking blame for this.  And judge Anzini, I want her off my case because at the end of the day, she just showed that she has biased intentions against me.  That’s all I want to say.”

Jordan’s arraignment that day had to be finished via video conference when he became unruly in the courtroom.

This time, he sat surrounded by seven sheriff’s deputies and three police officers from Stroud Area Regional as the alleged victim testified against him, telling a judge how she was shot at outside the Econo Lodge in Stroudsburg and how she was punched in the eye, both by Jordan.

Detectives also testified they have the security video to prove it was Jordan who fired the shots.

“We got security video from the Econo Lodge during the actual shooting there. It definitely shows that it’s not a white female pulling the trigger.  So we got lucky on that route,” said Stroud Area Regional Det. Richard Wolbert.

The district judge forwarded all but one charge to the county court level where it will be up to a jury to decide whether or not they believe Jordan’s side of the story.

“Well, it’s not really surprising at this point.  It’s based entirely on her testimony.  We don’t have to provide evidence or our version of events at this level,” said defense attorney Chandra Blice.

Jordan also requested that the district judge hearing the case recuse herself after she denied him bail at his arraignment.

That request was denied.

Jordan remains locked up without bail in Monroe County.


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