Wilkes-Barre Store Robbed Six Times

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WILKES BARRE -- A convenience store in Wilkes-Barre was robbed Sunday morning for the third time in just five days.

It was around 11 a.m. on Easter Sunday when a person entered Hazle Mart, marking the sixth robbery at the store.

Bob Kadluboski from Wilkes-Barre said he saw the commotion on Hazle Street and tried to chase the robber.

The witness said he followed the man down Hazle Street and believes the person is about 5'8", was wearing dark clothing and had a weapon.

"I took pursuit with my vehicle. I saw him and tried to get him to stop. He bounced off my fender on McLean Street. He got up and fled. Once he fled, I tried to chase him. He turned around and had a weapon in his waist band. I tried to chase him as far as they could and they then dispatched a call out after several minutes," said Kadluboski.

Neighbors said there was police activity on McLean and Luzerne streets.

Wilkes-Barre police said they did interview someone about Sunday's robbery. That person was released and no one is in custody.

Police also said there was no surveillance video.

The employee who was behind the counter at the time of the robbery declined to comment to Newswatch 16. But, according to information provided by Wilkes-Barre Police, the cashier believes the robber is the same person who robbed the store before.

Police said the robber got away with cash along with Kool cigarettes and Palermo cigarettes.



    A 9MM is cheaper than a video surveillance system.

    And if we had a better description of the thug someone may know who it was and turn him in. Doesn’t say much about the Journalism these days.

    • John Waters

      It was a Catholic nun, carrying rosary beads. NOT! If it were, she would have been prominently displayed by WNEP. Since there’s a 99.9% chance itys a B—– M—, no description. It’s in the UMMB (Universal mainstream media Bible).

  • John J

    That area of Wilkes Barre has gone to hell can’t imagine not having security there. You’re asking to get robbed.

  • Your name here

    I no longer feel sorry for the owner and operators of this store. How many times are they willing to be victims before they make a change? I’m not blaming the victims but this is insane.

  • SLS

    This is ridiculous! there is no surveillance video? or just no surveillance there period. which is REALLY stupid!

  • Name(required)

    maybe they should just keep a cop there waiting for him, he’ll be back tomorrow when he’s out of cash.

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