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Mystery Surrounds Discovery of Body

RANSOM TOWNSHIP — Police were called to a property in Lackawanna County near a road that runs along the Susquehanna River Saturday after a man discovered a body in a pond.

Amber Dixon lives nearby and said, “I actually saw the police go by and a rescue boat and ambulance and everything.”

The owners of the land in Ransom Township would not allow Newswatch 16 to see the pond where the remains were found. It sits out of sight behind several homes near where River Road ends.

That road is also known as Upper Narrows Road. It used to connect the area with Wyoming County, but has been closed down for a number of years.

People who live nearby said they don’t understand how the woman could have found her way to the secluded pond since the road to and from the north is closed and the pond is deep inside private property.

Residents said a clue may lie a few miles upstream in Newton Township where the same road is gated off by the Wyoming County line.

Last November, a man saw a car parked near his waterfront farm.

Detectives discovered the car belonged to Diane Zavislak of Kingston Township.

At the time of her disappearance, many residents helped search for the 56-year-old woman, but she was never found.

The deputy coroner says investigators were unable to pinpoint a cause of death and he believes the body was in the water for months.


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