Crews Battle Brush Fire in Moosic

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MOOSIC -- The fire department believes a brush fire in Lackawanna County may have been caused by a campfire that was left unattended in the woods behind a building.

The fire in Moosic started behind a holding lot for old and new vehicles owned by Minooka Subaru.

Crews were able to douse flames quickly, but they say this is just the beginning of brush fire season. So far, it's the biggest fire they've seen this year.

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources was called in to help douse flames overhead Saturday afternoon.

Old tires and shrubs in the woods were put out within two hours by local departments.

Moosic's department believes the fire may have started by a campfire in the woods.

The windy and warm weather was just the right mix to spark the blaze.

15 to 20 acres were affected by the fire. The fire department does not recommend starting camp fires in the woods this time of year. They say, if you do, keep it small and put it out completely when you leave the area.