Bloomsburg Huskies Baseball Team

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The Bloomsburg Huskies baseball team is hungry for a Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference championship. At (23-13) Bloomsburg is on a 7 game winning streak. Defense and pitching ingredients in the recipe to win.

"We've been deep in the mound. Every-time out we get a quality start. Ryuta Amaike threw great today but it feels like we're playing 5,6 games a week and every-time out our starters going 6,7 innings and then our bullpen has been coming in and doing the job," said Mike Collins.

"Coach is always on us to trust in the process. I mean we work hard. We practice all the time-long practices-weird hours at night and he is just on us to trust in the process. It will work for you. That's what we've been doing. It's paying off so far," said Tyler Hill.

Some interesting numbers for the Huskies. They are 18-0 this year with the lead after 6 innings, and they currently have 14 conference wins and coming up on 15 with a 2-1 lead over Shippensburg in the 3rd inning. This is the most wins since 1997 when they won 16.

"We have a 9 man lineup. We're almost interchangeable. We don't necessarily drive the ball out of the park, but we compete for every pitch," again said Mike.

"We have guys in the middle of the lineup that can really hit the ball for power-got a lot of guys that are just going to get on and steal bases. So it's tough for opposing pitchers to get us out," said Nick Mazza.

10 conference games are left to play in the two remaining weeks of the regular season, and at this point it's about husky pride and history.

"Just finish out games-play our kind of baseball. We battle and grind every single pitch so we got to do it and we'll be fine."