Students Move To Temporary Housing After Fire

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WYOMING COUNTY -- Crews cleaned up after a small fire at Keystone College in Wyoming County on Friday.

Firefighters responded to a dumpster fire in Hollinshead Hall around 11:30pm on Thursday night.

"Smoke from the dumpster traveled up the trash shoot and emanated into some of the floors of the dormitory," said Fran Calpin, Senior Director of Relations at the college.

About 50 students live in the building and all got out safely.

One security guard was treated and released for breathing in smoke.

"As far as fires go, this was an isolated incident, relatively minor incident. But of course, any fire on a campus is treated very seriously," said Caplin.

Jessica O'Leary is a freshman at Keystone College.

She was in the building when the smoke alarms went off and said, "We thought it was a drill, so we all went outside as usual. Then the RA's came and they determined it was not a drill."

The freshman said she felt safe throughout the whole ordeal.

"There was a lot of running, a lot of efficiency, we had to move back, safety first. We were out here for about 40 minutes," said O'Leary.

Students who reside in Hollinshead Hall were able to move to the four other dormitories on campus for the night. They were able to get back inside starting Friday morning and get anything they needed.

The school is on Easter break for the next few days. Officials said the dorm will be ready for students when they return to campus on Tuesday morning.

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