Robber Holds Up Hazle Mart 2 Days in a Row

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WILKES-BARRE-- The Hazle Mart on Hazle Street is a busy spot to fill your tank or get a cup of coffee.

But not only are the customers loyal, so too it would seem is the robber believed to have repeatedly targeted the store, holding it up on Wednesday, Thursday, and three other times this year.

Angela Sweet, a customer, says," That is horrible, I do feel bad for them."

While the robber was wearing a mask, investigators do know one thing about him.  He has repeatedly made away with money and Kool cigarettes. For that reason workers suspect the same robber keeps coming back.

Assistant Manager Ivana Most says,"It could happen at any point in time, you are never really safe, you just don't think about it and do what you have to do."

When the store opened in the morning Most says that many customers stopped by to say they hope the owners would not give up on the neighborhood.

There are a number of surveillance cameras inside the store, and Friday afternoon a crew from a security firm appeared to be working on the outside of the building.

Justin Washko works around the corner from the Hazle Mart, he now wonders if he's safe on the job.

He says,"It's crazy around here."

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