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Gordon Observes Good Friday with the Cross Walk

GORDON — Every year on Good Friday a procession of neighbors and church goers walk prayerfully through the streets of Gordon.

“Just a way to bring Good Friday to people who can’t get out of their house that are shut in. To remind people of what happened today.” said Ed Labie a member of the United Methodist Church.

It’s the 36th year Simpson United Methodist Church in Gordon has trekked through the streets with the cross in observance of Good Friday. Members dressed in costume. Mother Mary, two soldiers and in between them, barefoot with a twisted crown of thorns, for the fifth year in a row, Jeffrey Nemeth portrays Jesus carrying the cross to Calvary.

“Still emotional everytime. It means a lot.” said Nemeth.

Good Friday is a very solemn day for Christians. Grace May came from Ashland to see the procession in Gordon. It was an emotional experience.

“I didn’t want to see the sorrow and hurt that Jesus actually went through. I didn’t want to see it. I didn’t want to cry.” said Grace May.

Community members say for that one hour during the trek the small town almost shuts down. People stop what they’re doing and come out of their homes to watch the procession walk by.

“Everybody comes out and watches when they walk by. It’s a very good thing. I’m glad the community does it, because at times I feel like we’re losing the importance of Christ in our life.” said Joseph Brennan from Gordon.

The procession ends back at the church where the cross is taken inside in preparation for the Easter holiday on Sunday.


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