Good Friday Fish Frenzy in Jermyn

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JERMYN -- A Good Friday fish fry in Lackawanna County has become so popular that some wait for more than an hour for a piece of fried fish. And some are willing to hide from their bosses just to be there.

When the Newswatch 16 cameras show up to the Artisan Hose Company Good Friday fish dinner in Jermyn, quite a few faces hide from view for fear their husbands, wives, or bosses will find out where they were for lunch.

Especially if they don't bring home any fish to share.

One volunteer hid behind an unusually large raffle basket in hopes she won't run into her boss.

"Yes, most definitely, there's a few of us today that didn't go to work. You know, took a vacation day or whatever to help out, help out the community," she said.

Volunteers from the Artisan Hose Company put in a full week's work prepping the fish before they start frying on Good Friday.

This year, Artisan Hose Company is hoping to break its record and sell about 1,600 dinners, meaning the line sometimes stretches far into the parking lot.

That begs the question, how long are people willing to wait for a Good Friday fish dinner?

"I am willing to wait as long as it takes, and I'm hoping it's the big change over and I get the fresh fish right off the bat. Any amount of time is good for me," said Janice Joyce of Jermyn.

It Joyce more than an hour to get her dinners, making her sympathize for her husband who traditionally picks up the fish every Good Friday.

"I'm thinking he's dawdling when he's gone away, but he's not, he's really just standing in line," she added.

The long line is a comfort to the Artisan volunteers. This is their most important fundraiser all year.

So, what's the secret to their success? It may be in recipe.