Fire Starts in Dumpster at Keystone College

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LA PLUME— One person was taken to the hospital after a fire on a college campus in Wyoming County.

A fire started in a dumpster outside Hollinshead Hall just before midnight at Keystone College.

Crews believe something thrown down a garbage chute started the flames.

According to the college, about 50 students had to leave their rooms and were relocated to other facilities on campus.

A Keystone security officer was taken to the hospital for breathing in smoke.

Crews said the dormitory suffered some smoke damage. The school has brought in a professional cleaning service to clean the building and test the air quality.

College officials expect students to be able to return to the dormitory after Easter break.


  • Anonymous

    I am a student at Keystone College, living right in Tewksbury, the resident hall next door. Knowing a ton of people that live in Hollinshead, they were not given a place to stay- nor allowed this morning to get their stuff. Last night they were allowed in for 5 minutes to get their things then they had to leave, and Keystone told them to find a place to stay. This was handled very poorly, and some Hollinshead students are camping out in their friends rooms in other dorms with minimal clothes and are very upset.

    • Charles Woodward

      Assistant Dean of Students says the student were told they would put them up in vacant rooms. I told her Campus Security gave them 2 options. Find a friend to bunk with or leave the campus. I think the school should get there stories straight.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to the Residence Life staff and Campus Security for taking immediate action and keeping the students safe! I hope there wasn’t too much damage to the building so the students can return safely to their rooms soon. After witnessing the incident, I’m impressed in how it was handled.

  • Charles Woodward

    It would be nice if someone would follow up on this Keystone College dumpster fire. My daughter was told either find a friend to spend the night with or leave campus. She waited around til 2am to see if they would let them back in and finally ended up driving home. She got home at 3:30am. I think the whole incident was handled very poorly at best!!

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