Dog Owner’s Tweet Leads to Special Delivery for His Pooch

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special_deliveryBLAKELY — If you have ever wondered if anyone reads your tweets, this is proof enough.

Last month, Matt Horn of Blakely tweeted a seemingly mundane comment on Twitter about his dog and delivery people.

The message read, “My dog hates every delivery man except the DHL guy for some reason.”

Well, DHL noticed the tweet and it paid off, at least for Matt’s four-legged friend Jester.

According to Robert Mintz, DHL’s Sr. Manager of Communications, the company’s local manager and courier delivered a huge basket of dog treats, complete with DHL balls, trucks, airplanes, to Matt’s dog on Friday.

“Matt was completely surprised, the look on his face was priceless.” said Mintz.

Needless to say, Jester enjoyed the gifts and now has even more reasons to like his DHL delivery man.


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