Deli in Williamsport Busy With Easter Shoppers

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Many stores were packed today with shoppers buying last-minute Easter goodies. People are getting ready to spend the holiday with loved ones, and of course indulge on all the foods they've given up for Lent.

The parking lot was packed at Tony's Deli in Williamsport, and inside the store on Washington Boulevard, the cash register did not stop ringing all day!

It's a big day for last-minute Easter shoppers, and Tony's Deli was prepared for the rush. Owner Carl Diparlo says he brought in more than two dozen employees to prepare for the busy Easter weekend. The store has orders for 400 hams.

"We sell a lot of smoked hams. We make them in a lot of different varieties. We make fresh kielbasa, smoked kielbasa, and with the weather being nice like this they'll buy steaks," Diparlo said.

People's arms were filled with Easter goodies. Vonnie Smith of Jersey Shore says she plans to leave with all the fixins.

"I come here to get everything from hams to pies and all of the things in between," Smith said.

Tony's has been around for more than 40 years and many people tell Newswatch 16 it's an Easter tradition to shop here.

"I used to come here years ago with my mother. Many years ago," Judy Baggett said.

Nancy Holmes and her husband say they had to take a number and wait in line since the store was so busy. But Holmes says she didn't mind.

"We've always shopped here. For years and years and years," Holmes said.

"This is kind-of last-minute for me, but yes, you come out and get all your goodies," Smith said.