Route 415 To Be Repaved Near Harveys Lake

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HARVEYS LAKE -- Repair bills have topped thousands of dollars for drivers who say their cars were damaged by potholes on Route 415 near Harveys Lake.

Now a paving project is set to resurface the road.

With a spare tire on her tiny car, Brittany Cocherell of Dallas says this is her second time at the repair shop near Harveys Lake.  She says the rim on her tire was mangled by potholes peppered along Route 415.

"It's really bad. It was flat this time so I had to bring it in and get another tire. A couple weeks ago I hit one too, and he was able to kind of bang out the rim for me, but it's not going to work this time," Cocherell said.

PennDOT says the rough stretch of road starts at the intersection with Route 118 in Dallas Township and ends at Lakeside Drive at Harveys Lake.

"That van took a beating on these roads. Beat it up terrible. I mean brakes and wheels and tires," said delivery driver Tim Wagner.

Wagner is a delivery driver for Grotto Pizza. He says thousands of dollars has been spent over the past few months to repair the vans used to take dough to restaurants and the cars used to deliver pizza.

"We put two wheels on here already and tires. That's a new one. And that's from the potholes out here. It's terrible."

PennDOT says pothole patching will no longer cut it. Work to repave this stretch of Route 415 near Harveys Lake is expected to start in July and wrap up by Halloween.

"It's going to be a pain getting here with all of the construction. But it's good that they're fixing it. It's really bad," said Maria Fessler of Dallas.

PennDOT says the repaving project is expected to cost between $2 million and $5 million. And PennDOT says drivers will be paying for it through increased gas taxes and vehicle fees under the state transportation act.