Helping URS Clients After Closing Announced

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TUNKHANNOCK — Companies in Wyoming County have reached out to help clients affected by the closing a United Rehabilitation Services.

The facility with locations in Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, and Tunkhannock announced Wednesday that it’s closing in June because of cuts in government funding.

URS provides work and activities to people with disabilities.

The manager of URS in Tunkhannock tells us she’s had companies willing to provide work to some of the 45 people affected there.

A county commissioner is also working with county agencies to help those who are losing their job.

“They had a place to go, a place to work and they felt like they were members of this community. I want to make that happen again for them,” said Wyoming County Commissioner Ron Williams.

URS is scheduled to close on June 18.


  • ginger

    United Way doesnt exclusivly give to URS. They do many things with the money raised and donated. Its very unfortunate that clients have nowhere to work. That gave them a sense of self accomplishment and doing something in this world. Alot of them dont get alot of money from the state and depend on their paychecks to do things. I hope they find someone to come in and create programs for them.

  • Deborah Russo

    the money that URS has received. Where is it? I have donated to my community through United Way. And I know of many that have. Is that money not going to theses sites? Where has it been going? Who can we contact for an investigation into this matter?

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