Frost Hurting Some Easter Flowers

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STROUD TOWNSHIP – Fresh flowers, bright colors, all blooming just in time for Easter weekend. But overnight frosts the past few nights have been freezing some of these buds near Stroudsburg.

"Well, we had to cover everything you know, and we watered it before it started to frost. We cover them every night,” said flower tent employee Jennifer Rusch.

Rusch helps run a flower tent just off Route 611 and says tents, blankets and a propane heater have helped fight back against the cold nights.

Customers say they are pleased with the selection even after a couple of nights of 20 degree temperatures.

"Yeah, I'm surprised they have what they have here. They have a nice little selection,” said Christopher Smith of Stroudsburg.

Smith says he stopped in for Easter plants for his family, but his garden at home hasn’t been faring as well.

"This year of course as of the other day, these flowers here, they're now laying on the ground. They look nice for about two or three days and now they're all done,” said Smith.

But even with the tent buttoned up and many of the flowers under cover, some of these guys just couldn't make it through the cold nights.

Workers say about 5 to 10 percent of their stock has some frost damage. The hydrangeas saw the most damage. Each flower lost is lost profit.

But Kaeri Miller of Stroudsburg was able to sift through and find some tulips unharmed for her Grandma.

"Yeah, it's surprising that they actually, like, bloomed,” said Miller.

Most customers say they, too, will be taking extra care of these flowers once they take them home.

"I'll keep them inside till these nights get a little bit warmer and then we'll transplant and enjoy them for a number of years,”

Hoping warmer weather will come around to stay soon.