Beefed Up Prices

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COURTDALE -- The meat shelves are fully stocked at Gerrity's in Courtdale, but something's different about the meat. Prices have increased lately.

Sandy Pechal of Swoyersville has noticed.

"Hamburger's been up a little bit, but I mean, you got to do what you got to do, to feed the family and stuff," said Pechal.

It's not just Gerrity's with the beefed up prices. The average price of beef across the country is up to $5.28 a pound, a 25 percent increase from last year.

Experts say the droughts out west caused a decrease in cattle. Plus, beef is in high demand overseas.

"It's kind of a perfect storm of bad news for the price of beef," said Gerrity's perishable foods director Mark Bradigan.

A package of ground beef is just over a pound, but already, it's almost $5, and that's causing some people to pass on it altogether.

"It's gone way up. We've been buying ground turkey instead," said Francine O'Brien,of Hanover Township.

Over the past few weeks, the price of ground beef at Gerrity's has gone up from $3.59 a pound to $3.99 a pound.

"We try to hold the line as long as we could on prices. Our goal is always to offer the best value possible. You can only absorb so much," said Bradigan.

That's leaving shoppers like Pechal no choice but to look for a meaty bargain.

"Sometimes it goes on sale and sometimes it doesn't. I try to get the sales deals," said Pechal.

The perishable foods director at Gerrity's told Newswatch 16 we may not see beef prices go back down until next year. Until then, he says keep looking for deals on beef or look to cheaper meats like chicken.


  • fitzy

    everything in the supermarket is going up, and the sizes of bagged products are actually getting smaller, they are shaving ounces off products and charging more for less in the same sized bag….

    but the prices like gas and food going up isn’t real, yeah gas is more, food is more, but it’s actually an effect of helicopter Ben Bernake and his printing tons of money driving the value of the dollar down.- QE infinity has devalued the dollar- behold the power of the federal reserve -ruining a whole nation by controlling the debt.

  • DC

    Noone should be eating beef anyway!! People wonder why they are dying from heart disease and high cholesterol. Hello! I hope these prices go up through the roof to discourage people from consuming this crap altogether.

  • joe schmoe

    We buy our directly from the farmer. No middle man. We know who it comes from. Raised much better than commercial farms. Price per pound is the same for burgers as it is steaks. Same for all our meats

  • Klara Aten

    Everything is going up not only beef look at simple things like flour that used to be. 99 cents for 5 pounds now it’s almost 3.00. Food prices in general r ridiculous. I heard they were going to double the price of a gallon of milk which would make it almost 7.00. Who the hell can afford these prices.

  • a farmer

    We do import a lot of beef especially from South America. You’d be surprised where your food really comes from.

    • Dawn

      Some people (like myself) have to avoid soy because it can mess with your estrogen levels which when you have certain ailments could lead to a fatal blood clot…However, black bean burgers taste great :)

  • Lynn

    If its in such great demand overseas, then why gouge us. Gouge the brokers overseas. It’s not like we’re importing it.

  • L.S.

    I can buy organic, grassfed beef for not much more than that, so why bother with Gerrity’s anymore. Buy in bulk directly from the farmer!

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