Bank Robbery Reported In Luzerne County

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KINGSTON — Police are investigating a reported bank robbery in Kingston.

The holdup was reported just after 4 p.m. at the Honesdale National Bank along Wyoming Avenue in Kingston.

Investigators said the man handed the bank teller a note on a napkin and took off on foot.

There is no word on what the robber got away with.

Investigators released a security camera photo of the suspected robber.


  • Terri

    To bad it’s not the wilkes barre police .. robbery happened in kingston!
    I personally feel terrible for that branch and tellers… This is the 3rd time they have been robbed within 3 years

  • Mike

    I bet the robber bought a nice big crack rock 15 minutes after the robbery. Wilkes Barre Police Department is worthless. They should just burn that city to the ground and start over.

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