Traffic Changes Planned Before Rock Blasting Project

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP – Major traffic pattern changes are expected next week, as PennDOT prepares for a safety improvement project between Wilkes-Barre and the Mountain Top area.

PennDOT officials said traffic on Route 309 in Hanover and Fairview Township is scheduled to be reduced to one lane in each direction next week.

According to transportation officials, northbound traffic will be detoured into the southbound lanes and traffic will be divided with concrete barriers.

Donna Franks told Newswatch 16 that she is not looking forward to the changes.

"They`ve had a lot of accidents on that road, especially on some of the curves and things. It can be pretty tricky,” said Franks.

Other drivers said they are worried about safety in the work zone, because the stretch of Route 309 through the rock cuts is notorious for aggressive driving.

"Speed and tailgating, it's getting to be an awful thing. Everybody is on a cell phone and they're riding on your bumper,” said Gerald Moyer. It`s a good thing, but they should have done it a long time ago.”

During the construction project, big rigs weighing more than 10.5 tons will be banned from that stretch of Route 309, except for trucks driving northbound between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.

PennDOT officials said the project is behind schedule because of cold weather, but the $5.2M project should wrap up before the end of this year.

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  • Douglas S

    Ive been working in the Mt.Top area since the late 90,s…Yes 309 is notorious for speeders .ect…but my question to Penndot is why it took so long to fix?..Im a up there to help pay for this road..these holes didnt all happen cause of 1 or 2 or even 5 winters was left neglected till people just gave up and started complaining…like myself….and for a safety issue..who builds a highway with the camber of the road pitching left.while the road is turning to the right??..finally why again with my tax dollars are they just mico-paving will be full of holes within the next few years again…to me its a shabby job..its using my money .not the way I like it to be done.ect…its a state road….make us feel proud to drive over it..not just take my money..and do a so so job…I will be watching.will be taking pics.and will be on who ever it may be .till the jobs done right…

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