Student Accused of Inappropriately Touching Girls in School

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SOUTH CANAAN TOWNSHIP — State police in Wayne County said a 19-year-old high school student was in court for a hearing Tuesday for indecent assault.

The judge decided to send the case to trial.

Troopers said Brandon Matthews from Lake Ariel inappropriately touched four underage girls in the hallways and cafeteria of Western Wayne High School between September of 2013 and January of 2014.


  • Barb

    The 19 year old who committed the offenses should be held accountable, not his parents, and not the school. As to why he is still attending school at the age of 19, we do not have all of the facts, therefore we should not assume there are poor performance issues, or mental/medical issues. There are a number of possibilities for this. The facts are that he inappropriately touched other students and should be prosecuted accordingly. Why do we all jump to conclusions and play the blame game? Let’ us simply hope that he is held accountable for his actions and that the victims receive any help they may need to move on from this. The school has a responsibility to provide these young students with counseling and any academic accommodations they may need to continue to succeed.

  • Rachel

    It’s about time the assaults that take place in that school district come out. My child was sexually assaulted by a child with huge mental problems,who shouldn’t have been allowed around main stream children to begin with, and the child had more rights than my child. The principal in the middle school had the gaul to tell me she felt bad for the bully because of his home life, completely forgetting my child would never be the same. We sued and moved our children out of the district and it was the best decision we ever made. That district is a joke, as are the principals and the superintendent! I hope they are sued again by these children’s parents for allowing these assaults to take place on their property!!

  • Melanie

    He was wrong p plain band simp l e. Would be interested to know if by e has a stab l e home life or is living in a household with disposable moms or dads. Unfortunately there care fewer a NH d fewer 2 parent ho makes.

  • CB

    You also have to take into consideration the school district. Western Wayne likes to keep everything quiet even at the cost of their students. I am sure it was the parents that pressed charges not the school. My child was threatened in school and the child that threatened him had more rights than my child. The child that threatened bodily harm to my child was not punished and was still allowed to attend the class my child was in. This school district has a no tolerancey for bullying but it continues day after day after day and the school does nothing. I say this because i see it constantly and it is not right.

  • Charly Lucky

    I think part of the problem mght be………. he is 19 and did not graduate high school…….YET !

  • SLS

    That’s why I said “IF” it were do to poor performance. Not learning disabilities. I should’ve placed emphasis on behavioral performance rather than academic. It’s what I meant. medical or learning disabilities not withstanding. Mental problems however, it depends on how disruptive they are.

  • MMP

    I am so sorry that the four young girls were victimized in a place where they should feel safe, but very glad thar this came to light and the molester charged. I always feel such anger when a case like this goes unreported and the victims suffer in silence fors months or years and the molester roams free to continue harming others. I hope that he goes to trial quickly, and if found guilty, receives the strictest punishment possible and that the victims receive counseling and heal.

  • Kelly Ashland

    in NO way am i supporting this kid’s actions……..but under your thinking then 18yos would have to be made to do cyber school as well, cause guess what they are adults as well the day they turn 18. and how do you know it was poor performance, they could have had medical, mental or a variety of other things that put them back a year. take my brother he finished at 19 because the school swore the doctors were wrong when they said he had dyslexia , but at the end of his first year they admitted they were wrong and held him back a year. or the one girl i went to school with for a few years she had fell almost 2 years behind because of cancer. so before you open your mouth about someones performance in school, stop, and think about it first. yes you may be p’d off from what they did, i know i am. but to sit there and say anyone a year or more behind is because of one poor performance and need to be taken out of physical schools is a load of b s. many kids are older then 18 when they finish school and they don’t do crap like this.

    • SLS

      That’s why I said “IF” it were do to poor performance. Not learning disabilities. I should’ve placed emphasis on behavioral performance rather than academic. It’s what I meant. medical or learning disabilities not withstanding. Mental problems however, it depends on how disruptive they are

  • Robert jones

    Our schools as our govt are corrupt. The whole system stinks. Go to a school board meeting or a county meeting and see how your concerns are greeted. We need to take our country back. People should not fear govt. Govt should fear its people. try running against these people… can’t win.

    • Billtown

      Yeah…. It’s the schools and govt’s fault that this kid chose to touch other students inappropriately. The age of this person and the people around him is irrelevant. How about holding the kid and his parents accountable. Teach your child to respect others and demand respect from them…. quit trying to blame “the system” for despicable acts like this. That’s a huge problem in todays society, no one holds accountability for anything…it’s always someone elses fault.

      • SLS

        Holding the parents accountable would be great, because we all know in the school system that’s lacking. Ever try to get a bullying situation resolved? but when a student is 18 and over, how do the parents come into play legally? The student should be dealt with as an adult across the board, and if they can’t function like a normal and decent human being, they should not be allowed to attend shcool, period regardless of age yes. I for one thing the legal age should be 21 across the board for everything simply because most most 19 yr old’s aren’t much diff from 16 year olds!

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