School Closings And Delays

Strike Pending In Danville Area

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DANVILLE -- Teachers in the Danville Area School District announced Wednesday they will go on strike because of a contract dispute.

A last minute negotiating session began Wednesday afternoon.

The union president says he is not optimistic about negotiations with the Danville Area school board.

He says if the strike happens, it could last up to six days and graduation will be pushed back.

The parking lot was full at Danville Primary School but that may not be the case Thursday if the teachers' strike goes on as planned.

Close to 200 teachers in the Danville Area School District have been working without a contract since 2012 and as of now they plan to strike.

"It's not fair to anyone.  It's not fair to the teachers, or the children or the community or anything," said Jean Knouse.

The impending strike has left many parents scrambling for childcare.

"It is hard for a lot of families to make arrangements for our children whatever time of the year a strike would happen during the school year.  However, I'm very privileged where I work at the community center. My daughter can come to work with me," said Joann Gray of Danville.

The Danville Community Center has an after school program for kids, which the director says they plan to expand because of the impending strike.

Jean Knouse is the director of the Danville Community Center.  She says a lot of parents already signed up their children for the program.

"We've made it known to our children that they are welcome to be here all day and we will have a counselor for them."

Union president Dave Fortunato says the strike could last either five or six days.  He also says graduation would be pushed back until June 15.

Kyle Brady is a senior at Danville High School and says he is not happy about graduation possibly being postponed.  He even had to reschedule his vacation.

"It's something that we've looked forward to for a while and just to have it pushed back, it kind of bums you out," Brady said.

Joann Gray has a daughter in seventh grade.  She says she wants to see things settled quickly.

"Please get back into the sandbox, play, have a compromise, so that our children don't suffer any longer than they have to."

There is still a chance a strike could be averted at the Danville Area School District.  The teachers' union is meeting with the school board Wednesday.


  • Me

    There are other school districts they can apply to. A teachers degree can go anywhere in the country. Don’t like your pay, do what the rest of us do, go find another job. Stop hurting the kids that should be learning. You people are ungrateful !
    Should be happy you even have jobs !
    Especially the way this sucky country is being run and handled by a black dictator

  • Sam

    Teachers have one of the most difficult and important jobs in our country. They educate our children, yet we complain when they want a FAIR contract. Danville Area has the best School Performance Profile score in the area, yet lowest average teacher salary! Not to mention, the school district is financially able to afford what the teachers are asking for! If you are able to read this comment, thank an educator instead of bashing them!

  • lindal

    Here we go again. If you don’t like your job QUIT and try to find something that gives you what you want. Tax payers are tired of paying you’r health cost and paying you more money. If a strike is the last thing you want well then why strike. Greed.

  • Colin Watson

    Mr Fortunato just trying to make a name for himself. Well done!
    A) The teachers deserve to work with a reasonable contract
    B) Negotiations should have happened every day until a compromise reached.
    C) If you don’t know how to do that, get a trained mediator/negotiator
    D) Fact: “the only fair deal is when both parties walk away unhappy”.

  • SteveL

    Life is not full of automatic raises, little or no accountability for performance, and Cadillac benefits unless you are a teacher. Don’t like it? Stop crying and join the real world anytime you are ready. There are many options out there.

  • Pauline

    Sitting back and listening to the teachers complaining about the teachers striking makes me wonder if they listen to themselves. Someone suggested that the teachers strike during their summer vacation. First of all most teachers are taking classes, working, or preparing for the next school year over this 3 month vacation that everyone seems to think they have. Second of all striking over the summer would be pointless. I am sure that if these people worked under contract and it expired they would want a new one also. Contract negotiations are never easy and it is sad when it comes to a strike. I am sure this is the last thing that the teachers want as well, after all it cuts into their 3 month vacation. Being a teacher is not a easy job. Anyone who volunteers in a classroom can atest to this. Most teachers do not get paid enough for what they do in a days time. We should be supporting our teachers instead of cutting them down.

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