Rules to Live By: Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street, Don’t Take Selfies Near Moving Trains

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  • Busmirrorskilpeopleonsidewalks

    Anything could have been sticking out on that train, the guy
    may have saved the kids life,

    • idk

      If you look at the screenshot, it looks like the conductor’s leg is behind a piece of curved metal so it does seem like the conductor kept the guy from being seriously hurt. (Link on name)

  • Alum Axium

    although i don’t condone the kid for his dangerous actions, but on the same hand the conducter should be held accountable for assualt and posibly something along the lines of risking a catastrophie , what would have happened if when he kicked the boy and the boy fell inward towards the train rails ? very dumb on the conducters part , he might wanna rethink that move in the future. and the boy should be charged with tresspassing on railroad property!

  • Shannon

    that could have been just as tragic as getting hit or sucked in by the train, because whats to say by that conductor sticking his foot out to kick him with the train going at a speed could have decapitated him…STUPIDITY ON BOTH PARTIES

  • Scott

    Have to love technology today, gives us funny videos of not so smart people; could have been worse, could have been road kill from the train.

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