Man Charged in Two Counties for Allegedly Exposing Himself

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A man who authorities in Lackawanna County believe exposed himself to women faces charges in Luzerne County too.

Police in Pittston Township said Bobby Willard of Hanover Township harassed a woman at Walmart and chased after her in his vehicle on April 9.

Police in Taylor arrested him on April 11, after he allegedly exposed himself to two women along South Main Street in the borough.

Willard is charged with stalking, indecent exposure, harassment, and disorderly conduct.

He is locked up in Lackawanna County on $15,000 bail.


  • mdog

    Adopt a criminal day for a day is all i want.
    I Know a couple good rounds of boxing
    can cure his malfunction.

  • Melanie

    I agree he is a psycho in the making and should receive the max penalty butvwhat I can’t understand is why is he beingvautomatically held for trial (not that I disagree) and psycho priest in scranton with feet, pantyhose,chloroform and sexual assault perversions is still out on unsecured bail free to roam and prey on unsuspecting children and vulnerable adults .DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

  • Billl D

    I said it when I saw this clown on the news that he might be the same guy who ran the girl off the road in Pittston Twp. I was right! A serial rapist and murderer in the making, no doubt! This is how they start off and they get more and more emboldened and cross the line like he did. Hope they are able to see the sicko he is and evaluate him and track him for when he gets out! We’re bound to see him in the news again sometime in the future! No doubt!

    • SLS

      You’re prob right about seeing him in the news again. Pretty brazen, which is another hallmark of the psychopath. These offenders don’t get “better,” it is not a disease, they’re just plumb-crazy-evil. To think he drives! So he gets registered in the sex offender registry hopefully. The thing is they have to register, to my knowledge no one makes sure they do unless there is a probie/parole officer involved? He goes for psych eval and is put on meds that might even make things worse and at best he is working somewhere and driving around on those meds or not working at all and just being a creeper for a living.
      @Melanie, this turd is locked up it seems pending on 15,000 bail…the pries prob got bailed out by the church IF there was ANY bail set at all.

      • Melanie

        Unsecured bail is nothing more than the pervert priest promising to show up for hearings. How well do you think that would work for you? You most likely rot in a jail cell because you would not have the support of the dioceses

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