Hotel Set to Reopen After Fire on Valentine’s Day

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HAWLEY -- It took one night to damage a hotel in Wayne County and put the place out of commission.

And it took just two months to gut most of the place and restore it so it can reopen.

The finishing touches are all that's left until Ledges Hotel in Hawley can open again and right on schedule after a fire two months ago.

The relatively small fire on Valentine's Day led to lots of water damage and meant there would be lots of work to do to get back open. Crews went to work soon after, gutting the place then, rebuilding.

"We ran 7 days a week for 60 days. Sometimes we ran day and night shifts so people weren't tripping over each other," said owner Justin Genzlinger.

The hotel and the attached bar and restaurant haven't had a guest or meal served since the fire. Now they'll be open in time for the Easter holiday.

"It'll feel great this weekend, we've had good motivation with a wedding on Friday, can't miss a bride's wedding date," said Genzlinger.

Employees including Linda Monahan have kept working while the hotel was out of commission, making sure it's ready for the busy season ahead.

"We were booking for the summer, and creating packages that we need for people to come in the summertime."

The Glass Wine Bar and Bistro opens to the public Saturday at Ledges Hotel.