Wyoming Area Teachers Set to Strike

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EXETER -- Some educators in Luzerne County could hit the picket line as soon as Wednesday.

Teachers in the Wyoming Area School District announced on Monday they will strike if the school board rejects the latest contract proposal.

Wyoming Area teachers first walked off the job in September. Since then, a neutral third-party got involved to help both sides compromise on the issues. Last week, teachers voted to accept an arbitrator's ruling to settle the dispute.

The school board is set to vote on the issue on Tuesday.


  • JOHN

    I am a senior,on fixed income,pay $2200. yearly plus on health care and happy my yearly $20, co-pay for annual exam is included. P.S. WHY DON’T WE DEED OUR PROPERTY TO THE SCHOOL? NO TAX INCOME, 3K/ YR. JUST WAIT FOR YOUR PROPERTY BE LISTED IN THE LEGAL SECTION IN A FEW YEARS , CHECK FOR YOUR HOME IN FRIDAY PAPERS, BECAUSE OF GREED!!

  • lindal

    If you do not like you’r job quit. I’m sure there are a lot of good teacher’s that would take you’r place. What more do you want for the hours and days you work. Try working all year with no summer breaks, no paid vacations and no free health care. Get another job and see how good you had it.

  • Stop Hating on Teachers

    What is wrong with people wanting better for themselves? These teachers have families to support too. Teachers are doing a lot of the work that some parents are failing to do. I find it hilarious that the people who complain about the teacher’s salaries and benefits are usually people that don’t have an educational background remotely close to that of a teacher. It’s not the teacher’s fault that the economy is bad talk to the people on Wall Street. Oh that’s right they will laugh in your face and send your jobs to China and Mexico.

  • Mad In Hazleton

    So the greedy teachers are at it again…in a time when the obama economy stinks, companies down sizing and people losing their jobs, these greedy teachers want more..I know the facts so you have been working with out a contract since 2012 boo hoo, you are still getting paid your enormous salaries……I have an Idea drop their health care coverage and let them sign up for Obamataxcare, after all their union supported it….yes Greedy teachers want more just like the DNC and Governor candidates running to unseat Corbett…if you listen to their Tv ads you would think Corbett cut education funding all together, but a simple search on the internet will tell you Corbett only cut higher education and gave it to k12 and down….Teachers unions and democrats make me sick…….

    Vote them all out come Nov.

  • howard

    The time has come for the teachers to start paying towards their medical insurance/ no more of that talk about co-pays and deductibles as we are already paying those plus a percentage towards our premium(around 30%) It is time to shut Mr Holland down. The schoolboard shoud vote the arbitrator’s decision down. The free ride is over.

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