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Wyoming Area School Board Rejects Arbitrator’s Decision; Teachers On Strike

Teachers from one district in Luzerne County say they will strike for one day after failing to settle a labor dispute with school officials.

The Wyoming Area School District will be closed Wednesday as teachers plan to walk the picket line, the second time they’ve done so this school year.

Despite being rejected by the Wyoming Area School Board, these teachers in the district say they`re not going down without a fight.

Donning t-shirts announcing they are now on strike, they are pushing back against the board`s decision to turn down an agreement that would end a labor dispute.

“It`s a response to their inability to negotiate with us, they haven`t done so in eight months,” said Melissa Dolman, the president of the Wyoming Area Education Association.


Teachers met with the board here at Wyoming Area High School where the board rejected a ruling made by arbitrator who found in favor of salary and healthcare demands made by the union.

The teachers had already unanimously agreed to that arbitrator’s decision and several times during the special meeting tempers flared.

Back in September the teachers walked the picket line for 23 days.

Students and parents say they`ve had enough of this fighting.

“If they really cared about us they`d be here teaching us and it`s not fair,” said senior Brianna Shinko.

“I just want it to stop, I think the school board should have settled and we should get back to normal and get back to education and educating the students,” said senior Kevin Carroll.

“They`re acting worse than the kids do, it`s horrible, it`s their senior year and there is no senior year for these kids,” said parent Valerie Reno.

“We`re important too, that`s why they`re teachers and if they`re going to be teachers they should be caring about the students and it`s never mentioned,” said senior Victoria Reno.

Seniors are being told they still have to report for a half day on Wednesday.

The teachers plan to strike in front of the Wyoming Area High School Wednesday from 8 to 11 am.


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