Woman Charged with Killing Mother’s Boyfriend

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MAHANOY CITY — Authorities in Schuylkill County filed voluntary manslaughter and other charges against a woman who admits she stabbed and killed her mother’s boyfriend.

Kimberly Hons from Mahanoy City spoke with Newswatch 16 when the stabbing happened back in December. She told Newswatch 16 she never intended to kill Larry Quinn but says she did it in self-defense.

Hons said Quinn hit her mother and then attacked her in a home along East Mahanoy Street in Mahanoy City.

But Tuesday evening, prosecutors in Schuylkill County charged Hons in connection with the man’s death.

On 4/16/14, this story was updated to correct the relationship between the victim and the suspect. Quinn was the boyfriend of Hons’ mother, not Hons.


  • thinker

    I just want to clear some things up, everyone has their opinions, good and bad. But when you don’t know a person, and put them on a pedestal. Worshiping them like a saint, is a little to much. Maybe he was a nice person at times, and maybe he did do good deeds for others, But for people that mattered, may have been a different story, because as it was once said, what happens behind closed doors, is exactly what you should have known, instead of judging others. To me, it seems he was a people person, and a sweet talker, that pulled you in the web of lies and deceit. Not knowing he may of had a dark side. I’ll just leave it like that.

  • thinker

    I don’t know much about the law but how can this girl get a fair trial when the news people put in the paper most of the case when it didn’t even go to trial yet and to prejudge someone not knowing the actual facts because what was reported may have not been the truth as it was stated so when she does go to trial they may make part of their decision upon what they read in the newspaper which is totally unfair and unjustified oh and another thing wonder why no one made a 911 call the phone was ripped out from the wall yep read it in the newspaper

  • Maria

    This wasn’t supposed to happen,but it did,sad to say.Most people I know make mistakes all the time,including myself,killing someone with a kitchen knife isn’t one of them!Larry was one of the most thoughtful,sweetest people I knew that would do anything for anybody.He didn’t deserve to die the way he did.Everyone who knew Larry knows he would never have hurt the woman he loved!It’s a shame he isn’t here to tell his side of his story.Hopefully justice will be served and Larrys family could be at peace.

  • SLS

    Maybe they should’ve got the cops at the time, the mother shouldn’t have been with an a-hole, and she shoulda got outta there with her kids, went to a shelter, and told them why. In the heat of the moment tho? Anything can happen. If it’s a question of me or someone else going down? I will defend myself and those I love without thinking twice any which way how! If he was a violent person against women and children, what good was he anyway? That’s not a man! That’s a LOSER

  • any

    I do remember she wasn’t getting charged?? Why she didn’t speak to an attorney or feel she needed to?? But speaks to WNEP?? As for the DA.Christine Holman Supports woman beaters. She’s a real loser! Pathetic!

  • shagtastique

    I really wish you “writers” would learn how to use the “allegedly” modifier that you throw around so often. Your headline reads “Woman Charged with Allegedly Killing Her Boyfriend”. This is completely incorrect. She is charged with killing her boyfriend. Period. The police don’t charge you with “sorta” doing something. They don’t charge you with “maybe” doing something. They don’t charge you with “possibly” doing something. You are charged with doing the crime.

    I understand that you don’t want to falsely incriminate someone until their trial, however the police do not charge someone with allegedly doing anything (murder, drug-dealing, jaywalking). They are charged with doing the thing. You will use “allegedly” when you put the person and the action together in a sentence. Like “Kimberly Hons allegedly killed her boyfriend.” She would then be “charged with killing her boyfriend”.

    Go back and read your style guide again, please.

    • Skook3

      My understanding is that the police filed the charges back in December, but the new DA dropped the ball…badly…again. That is why now, 4 months later, charges are finally going through.

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