Where Did Spring Go?

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY-- It is the kind of weather that has people asking "Where did spring go?"

The whipping winds in Union County peeled part of a metal roof from a barn near Miffinburg Tuesday.

That wind blew a skylight from the roof of the Luzerne County Courthouse in Wilkes-Barre, too. Workers had to block off a staircase and mop up the mess as the pounding rain came pouring in.

In Lackawanna County, some people ventured out despite the nasty weather.

"It's normal springtime in Northeastern PA. That's the way it is. One day it's nice, the next day it's nasty but the dog still had to go out, so we came out," said Rich Fanning of Clarks Summit.

In South Abington Township, creeks and streams were swollen by the heavy rain.

There were problems on the roadways, too with minor flooding.

Inside a flower tent in Clarks Summit, it smelled like spring, but it was soggy.

"It's just crazy. It started out just kind of drizzling, then it started pouring out of no where and out whole tent was just a puddle at one point," said Corie Spencer of Scott Township.

"Thankfully they brought in some stone and got it so we can walk in here. It's hard on business but we will recoup and it'll be OK," agreed Holly Ziesemer of Scott Township.

Frost covers were brought out to protect the flowers from the biting cold, snow and freezing rain.

"It's crazy. Absolutely crazy, it shouldn't be doing this in April," said Ziesemer.

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