Man Hit With Robbery Charges, Accused of Stealing Meds

KINGSTON -- Police have filed robbery charges against a man who officers believe stole prescription medication from a pharmacy in Luzerne County.

Authorities accuse Wayne Rogers, 41 of stealing a narcotic pain reliever from a pharmacist at Walgreens along Wyoming Avenue in Kingston.

Police said Rogers claimed to have a gun and got away with a bottle of the medication.

He was arrested around the corner along Market Street a short time later.


  • angie

    Wake up all of you holier than thou judgmental crones. While I do not condone what this man did addiction is a disease and a poorly treated one at that especially in this area. Until you see addiction staring at you through the eyes of a loved one you should keep your mouths shut

  • smackawanna

    This poor guy. Obviously he had no control over his craving to get high. We live in a terrible system and it’s only getting worse.

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