Businesses Prepare for Easter Sales

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WAYNE COUNTY -- The week leading up to Easter means a busy time for businesses that sell everything from flowers to candy.

Folks in Wayne County are getting ready for the spring holiday even though the weather Tuesday was far from spring-like.

A cold rain was falling but under the tent the flowers had bloomed. A truck recently dropped off a load of lilies and hyacinths for a roadside stand near Honesdale, a sure sign that Easter Sunday is days away.

"Easter then we take a week break, back for Mother's day, Father's Day, the whole season," said Denise Smith.

But for now, it's an Easter menu Dave's Super Duper is ready to help with, stocking the coolers with ingredients for a holiday dinner for the whole family.

The supermarket's owner said sales in the lead up to easter help after a long winter like the one we've had.

"We load up on the hams and the kielbasa and all the ethic foods for people," said Dave Flederbach.

And at Beach Lake Baker, the work to make pies and cookies starts days in advance. Brian and Lisa Woods were busy getting blueberry pies set for twice as many orders as they're used to.

"We have quite a few orders for pies, cherry pie, apple crumb apple pie," said Woods.

Fresh is the name of the game in this business which means a very early morning this Saturday to have goodies ready for families celebrating the holiday together.

"Really early means 1:30 in the morning," said his wife.

We're still several days away from Easter weekend so bakeries and stores all said they'll get even busier as we get closer to Easter.