Accused Dog Abuser Sent To Jail

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MOOSIC -- The dog owner from Moosic who apparently violated his bail by having more than one dog on his property was taken into custody and put in the Lackawanna County Jail on Tuesday.

After more dogs were removed from his property just last night, it appears authorities had enough.

Moosic Police came to John Tanis' home on Main Street in Moosic with a court order to send Tanis to jail. Investigators say they have proof that Tanis violated his bail twice by keeping more than one dog on his property.

It's also possible Tanis lied under oath in court last week.

For the third time in less than a week, Moosic police officers were called to John Tanis' home on Main Street, this time with a court order to send the man accused of abusing his dogs to jail.

After being charged with animal cruelty, Tanis was allowed to stay free on one condition: that he only keep one dog.

Tanis cooperated with officers but he told us he was not lying when he told a judge last week that he didn't know the one dog he was allowed to have was pregnant.

"John, did you lie under oath?"

"No!" Tanis replied.

The puppies were taken from the home last week and an animal rights group caring for them said they are from different litters.

Then, after another warning from a judge, police were called Monday when neighbors spotted a Labrador on Tanis' roof. They took three more of Tanis' dogs.

That makes a total of 30 dogs Denise Kumor and her organization Tracey's Hope are fostering.

"I've lost, sleepless nights, worried about these dogs. The condition of the first four that we got was so horrendous that I worried that the others would wind up like that," Kumor said.

After Tanis was sent to the Lackawanna County Prison, volunteers took one last dog from his property that will also be fostered by volunteers. A judge says Tanis' dogs are to stay in foster homes until after Tanis' trial set for May.

In the meantime, investigators are seeing if Tanis should face perjury charges.

"As far as more charges regarding the dogs, I can't really speak to that. As far as anything else, we're still investigating some things with his testimony in court," said Lackawanna County A.D.A. Michael Ossont.

A judge will decide later this week if John Tanis is to stay in prison until his trial in May.

A condition of the court order filed Tuesday is that Tanis must have a mental health evaluation before his trial.

Moosic police officers were at his home for much of the afternoon and told us they did not find any other dogs.


  • Melissa LaBracio

    RANDY!!! Are you for real? Send me your private email address and I’ll send you a pic of my dog Diego. Diego was Tanis stud dog 10 years ago. When I got him I took him from the shelter directly to the vet because he was in such bad shape. The pic I would send you is of his face that is filled with scars from abuse from him.

  • Randy

    I want to see the clinical reports that are stating the abuse, if any, so far the man has shown us papers that he has taking animals to the vet, Abusers do not take animals to the Vets. He has a right to a speedy trial, but this has been taking months, WHY? is somebody hiding something, I feel he is being Harassed and his rights are being violated, The next time around I will vote for a new “Judge”, The funny thing is I only heard of one out of thirty dogs had worms that caused a problem, any persons dog could get worms. show the bruises and the beatings to the public, show us the reason for the actions. If they had clinical information, they would have shown it…. “Harassment maybe even Stalking” There is no due process here, he is guilty before Trial, I see people that have killed people in accidents walk the streets after hit and runs.

    • Linda Weiland

      Randy, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Did you actually see the abused dogs taken from this man? Do you realize he lied to the judge’s face? He’s faced multiple charges, including firearms violations over several years. Do your homework, and then come back and tell us that you’d like him to be your neighbor.

  • John

    I am curious how a boarding kennel that is privately owned is able to take and handle evidence? Isn’t that a violation of Tanis’s civil rights and due process? This comes on the heels of the taking of cattle out in Nevada. Dogs/Cattle whatever are still property, the government just cant take a persons property without a hearing, sorry all you animal activist don’t like following the law, but Tanis and the taking of his property and the handling of evidence has protocol, and if your holding evidence then there are guidelines for such. If you don’t like Tanis thumbing his nose at the law well then neither should all of you, as a PA taxpayer I resent this. I have in just a few hours gathered enough evidence to show conspiracy, domestic terrorism…and even racketeering. If the state chooses to move forward and allow your violation of Tanis’s rights, then you’re right the entire judicial system is corrupt. sorry you won’t like this post very much but either follow the law or be prepared to be held accountable….. PA law student

    • Linda Weiland

      You obviously have total disregard for the suffering of those dogs. A rescue group is fostering them until this is resolved (hopefully with Tanis in prison) and the dogs can be rehomed.

      You sound like you’re going to be one of the slimiest lawyers ever. Get down off your high horse and get the detailed facts and photos of the dogs’ conditions before you run your mouth.

      • John

        I’m sorry but breaking the law is breaking the law. This is NOT a “rescue group” they are not license as a non profit kennel, as according to state law any person who sells/transfers/adopts 25 or more dogs a year should be. they are a non profit on paper only, and have no legal authority to be handling evidence. These dogs are in a dirty yard that needs cleaning, clearly Tanis didn’t live to much better himself in the home. In the group pics I don’t see any thin dogs. I see a skinny weimaraner but I don’t see is a bunch of skinny dogs… just one or two. I see people unhappy with the dogs housing, and harassing a human to the point of his loss of liberty. I see people trespassing to get some of those pictures…

        I will never put an animal above a human ever, and I certainly would not lie, or break the law to do it. The ADA will know that while Tracey;s was doing all this they where breaking the law…. I posted a link to the states ruling, where Tracey’s admitted to soliciting funds with out being licensed to do so….. I am considering getting a group together and filing against Tracey’s.

      • Linda Weiland

        Take your “legalese” and shove it. You don’t have any idea what it’s like to have to rescue animals from human waste like Tanis, so until you do, shut the hell up. I won’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

    • QueenB

      No, this person has violated the terms of his parole and probation repeatedly, so his civil rights have not been violated. Even if he was not on parole or probation, he still doesn’t have the rights to keep that many animals in such poor condition. There are videos and photos of what the dogs looked like. Sure, anyone can have an animal with worms. A responsible breeder (he is not that) would have the funds to take care of them. A screwball who hides behind religion and phony non-profit status in order to hoard animals is not someone that is going to take care of the large number of animals he’s got. He can’t. He has proven this repeatedly over about a decade. The animals are kept in filth, they are not maintained, and even if he considers himself a breeder, I assure you he should be shut down. When you are on probation, when you are on parole, your rights are changed, and conditional to the terms of said probation or parole.

  • Sandy

    He rents houses everywhere to hide dogs he has done this for along time I had one of the puppies only if everyone knew the real pos he is jail is not enough for him

  • CS

    I’m glad they put that man in jail. He obviously thumbs his nose at authority. And what’s with the fake ministers outfit??? Does he think he’ll get sympathy? I know of a so called minister that left his dog’s collar get inbedded in his dogs neck so no sympathy here!!!! This guy is a joke and has mental health issues he needs to deal with.

    • QueenB

      At some point in the last decade, this man decided to use a mail in certificate to become a minister and thereby gain some sort of legitimacy as a non-profit. It was basically a ruse, although it is surely his “civil right” to do so. For the record, this man wanted to run a gun camp for children that was “bible based”, and he wanted to do so even though he was not supposed to have guns or use them as terms of his release. He’s nuts. We know this because we’ve seen the animals he’s hidden. He is not wearing a “fake minster’s” get up, he is actually some sort of minister, so, that’s why he’s dressed like that. I believe he is not right in the head, but he is able to tell the difference between right and wrong, or else he wouldn’t have gone to all that trouble to try to cover it up. Isn’t it nice to know who lives in that area? lol

  • Josh

    Charged with animal cruelty but he is allowed to keep one dog? He shouldn’t be allowed to have any pets at all. Judges are retarded.

  • Ashley Dancho

    There are people who kill or injure other human beings and don’t end up in jail. ,its a good thing they are working hard to protect the dogs in this country. Animals now have more importance than people, and that is wrong. What a corrupt country. People who abuse children often end up with no jail. This is a
    waste of tax payers money.

  • Smokes Smokes

    why thumbs down people what everyone is saying is right animal still abuse either way animals may not be human but they feel pain suffer like us why would any one let it happen oh boy the way puppy mills should be banned all over the us and outside as well i mean by Amish countys in pa like lancaster litiz areas i know what iam talking about. i have shetland that came from there got him from pet stores they dont you nothing about there background were they came there health and so on. i pretty sure it should be against the law most animals if not all are not full bread there only half breed so you have not idea what your getting your self into iam not saying its not wrong to bring a half breed animal in your family god bless your heart for it. we need better crack downs on beavoir like this also tougher more stricker back ground checks the law should more involved in this no matter what part of the us you live in and outside but are laws are way to weak for it and to much money and power being wasted at other useless things. enough enough and most take control for are selfs and mankind and are furry friends, we must stay strong and tough and fight i know one day we will win in the end. we are the voice of are furry friends let the courts and laws hear what we have to say they can never shut us down we always fight the good fight and will demand justice for those that hurt harm or abuse animals in any way they should never be set free and also register as animal abuser by law also pay court cost and medial bills of well being of animal they abused and also must stay away from any animal they see in public if they harm or Harassment the owner and feel threated by them they can call the local police and check on there background they would be up to your local laws in forcements or boroughs maybe even arrest as well for voliting the law. there thats what i have to say about it.

  • Anonymous

    The judge who heard this case is a joke and needs to be investigated for corruption charges… he never puts anyone behind bars unless he can then put them on house arrest, drug court when there were no drug related charges involved whatsoever, or otherwise screw them over somehow to put as much money in his pocket as possible.

  • Dorpmuller

    My fantasy job: “Kommandant” of a concentration camp for animal abusers and puppy mill owners.

  • Caitlin o

    Why did a judge the first time around allow a convicted animal abuser to keep any dogs and especially a non – spayed dog that would even present the opportunity for him to breed it?

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