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Two Child Endangerment Cases in Luzerne County

LUZERNE COUNTY — On March 7th, authorities responded to a home in Edwardsville for a horrific smell on Jackson Street.

Six children from Jackson Street in Edwardsville are in foster care after their home was found unfit for habitation.

The parents, Tim and Carol Kennedy face child endangerment charges.

Police said last month they found a dead dog in the basement with three children playing near by.

Authorities determined the dog had been dead for days.

Newswatch 16 stopped by the home and there was no answer.

Next door neighbor Katie Kelly said the authorities have it all wrong when it comes to the Kennedy’s. She said, “They’re perfect. I’d say they’re like the perfect family. They try so hard.”

Kelly said one of the children knew the dog had died, but didn’t want to tell his parents.

The neighbor also said the Kennedy’s have seven children, six of whom are adopted.

“She’s had multiple foster kids and I believe they were good enough to put them in their home to be foster kids. They’re going through a whole bunch of stuff right now and it’s ridiculous,” said the neighbor.

Kelly said her heart breaks when she thinks about what’s happening to the family, “The day they were taken out I was just crying in the window. The little girl yelled, ‘I’m going with my brothers!'”

On the same day of the incident in Edwardsville, authorities responded to another child endangerment case at an apartment in Kingston. Four children from that apartment were also placed in foster case.

Authorities said Wendy Cheetman’s four children, including one with mental disabilities, were living in filth on Schuyler Avenue in Kingston. Adding that one child’s bed and toys were covered with feces.

According to court papers, Cheetman said conditions were like that for at least six months and she just gave up.

She is also charged with child endangerment.

The Kennedy children are currently staying with family and friends.

It is unknown where Cheetman’s children are living.

Those three parents were all released on $25,000 unsecured bail on Monday.

Their preliminary hearings are set for April 30th.


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