Shooting in Kansas Shakes many Celebrating Passover

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POCONO TOWNSHIP – Each year The Inn at Pocono Manor is filled with families for the week, observing the Passover Holiday. But today many of them say a shooting this weekend outside a Jewish Community Center has them even more thankful to be spending time with their loved ones.

It’s all hustle and bustle outside The Inn at Pocono Manor as about 650 people of Jewish faith prepare to celebrate the week of Passover here in Monroe County.

This just after states away in Kansas, three people were shot and killed outside two Jewish Community Centers.

Jay Hefter of New York says the upsetting news still has him shaken.

"It`s just scary, it`s sad you know. There`s a lot of things going on in the world, we`ve got to be grateful for whatever we have,” said Hefter.

Hefter has come here at The Inn for Passover for four years. He believes all of those gathered here near Mount Pocono will be talking about this tragedy during their eight to 10 day stay.

"I`m assuming so, Anytime whether you know them or not, it`s the faith. It hits home,” said Hefter.

Inside the kitchen, Rabbis and chefs are busy cooking up matzo balls and other kosher food for Passover meals – trucking in three tractor trailers of dishes, utensils and supplies to keep meat and dairy separate according to their faith. It’s an enormous job that seemingly runs as smooth as silk.

"It`s a huge amount of work on their part, Huge amount of work on our part, In addition to just the hotel being at maximum capacity, we bring in all the amenities for our guests,” said Pesach Time Tours Owner Michael Mandel.

"We have a bakery department, we have a cold pantry, we have a hot pantry and we have a dairy kitchen downstairs. We have a lot of things going on to make almost 700 guests happy,” said Executive Kosher Chef Yosef Oldak.

While preparing fish, horseradish and gnocci, this chef just learned of the deadly shooting in Kansas.

"We always got to be careful people are always looking after us so we have to keep our faith and we have to be strong, and we`ll keep going,” said Oldak.

Many hope the man behind what the FBI is now calling a hate crime is held accountable.

"It`s a very sad story, of course whoever did it. Should get his…,” said Mandel.

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