One Year Later: Local Runners Remember Marathon Bombings

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LUZERNE COUNTY---Tuesday marks the one year anniversary of teh Boston Marathon bombings, which left three people dead and injured more than 260 people.

Bill Urbanski of Luzerne County is an avid runner.

He was at the Boston Marathon last year.

He had finished the race and was across the street, when a bomb went off.

"It was a pretty frightening moment. I was there with a group of friends who had come to watch me race. We didn't know what was going to happen next. "

Urbanski said he knew he would return to Boston to race.

In one week, on Monday, April 21st, he plans to be on the starting line, as one of 37,000 runners.

Karen McLaughlin of Kingston has run the marathon in the past.

She plans to go this year.

"Everyone is going to be running for the people that can't run anymore and run in their honor and in the memory of the folks that did last year," she said.

Tony Cerminaro of Jermyn in Lackawanna County is in his 70's and has run more than 90 marathons.

He will also be in Boston next week.

He, too, was there for the bombings last year.

"We can't dwell on what happened. Just have to move forward that's all," he said.

There are new security measures in place this year because of the bombings.

Runners can no longer bring a bag of their belongings to the race.

Runners said this year's marathon, things will mean more because of what happened a year ago.

"When I ran my first one, I just fell in love with the race. It's the Super Bowl of marathons. It's by far the most prestigious and the most important in the world, especially after last year, and being on scene last year when the bombings hit, I knew that I was going back," said Urbanski.