Investigators Warn Of Dangers After Hiker Dies From Fall

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A young man is dead after investigators say he fell while hiking in state game lands in Carbon County.

State police say the man, from the Lehigh Valley, died just after noon Monday near Jim Thorpe.

Rescue crews found the body of 20-year old Jesse Crossley inside state game lands in Carbon County after state police say he fell to his death.

Investigators say the young man from Catasauqua, Lehigh County was hiking with friends in the Glen Onoko Falls area near Jim Thorpe.

Here at the adjacent Lehigh Gorge State Park, hikers say these accidents happen here too often.

“You hate to hear of anybody getting hurt up here because it happens a lot,” said Desha Utsick from Jim Thorpe.

First responders agreed, saying during the spring and summer months, they are frequently called to this area for emergencies.

“We try to stress every time get a call up here how dangerous this place is and it seems like every time we do that the following weekend we`re here for a rescue,” said Deputy Chief Vince Yaich with Jim Thorpe Fire Company.

State police say Crossley`s death is under investigation but say it does not appear suspicious.

The trooper in charge says Crossley was not dressed properly, wearing sneakers and a bathing suit and was hiking in a notoriously dangerous park of that game land.

Those using the park say you have to come prepared.

“It`s extremely sad, it`s a dangerous trail,” said Wayne Sivertsen from Jim Thorpe.  “I mean you have to be very careful, you have to know what you`re doing, it`s not something that for a first timer to come out and do, we`ve done it twice, like I said it`s very scary.”

“It happens every year, here, other places, people don`t know what they're doing and just bad things happen,” said Eric Jutting from New York.

State police say there are plenty of signs posted in those game lands warning that death or injuries can occur there and say hikers should take notice.

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