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Hit and Run Victim’s Family Seeks Justice, Closure

NEW MILFORD TOWNSHIP — A man accused in a deadly hit and run crash in Susquehanna County was in court Monday and the victim’s family was there as well.

For months, Earl Youngs’ family has been seeking justice and closure.

Roger Radakovich gave up his right to a hearing on charges related to the deadly hit and run in mid January near Great Bend.

The victim’s family wants Radakovich held responsible for Youngs’ death saying the crash was more than just an accident.

There were quite a few members of Earl Youngs’ family at the hearing for the man accused of causing his death. They watched as Roger Radakovich walked into district court near New Milford, accused of hitting Youngs¬†back in January and taking off.

Youngs’ father said the whole thing has been hard on the family. First his son’s death, then weeks went by before police charged Radakovich with the crime.

“We’ve known for a while who it was and we were waiting and waiting and waiting and the constant wait is way to hard on anybody,” said Earl Youngs.

Susquehanna County District Attorney Jason Legg spoke with the Youngs family and with Radakovich, trying to find a way to resolve the case with a plea deal that everyone can live with.

Some, including Youngs’¬†fiance, were visibly upset over the possibility that Radakovich could face a lesser sentence than the family wants.

“By taking a plea deal and getting less than he deserves isn’t fair, it’s not right and it’s not justice,” said Alyssa Wright.

Radakovich doesn’t have a deal just yet but did give up his right to a hearing and left without saying a word.

“He expresses true remorse to the family, it’s a tragic accident that happened here,” said Radakovich’s attorney Stephen Turel.

“I can understand accidents happen, you don’t leave a human being along the road like a dog,” said the victim’s uncle, Chris Youngs.

A memorial is still along Route 11 north of Great Bend where Earl Youngs was hit and killed three months ago. His father and the rest of his family will keep pushing for justice.

“I want to make sure he’s going to get fully charged with what he should be charged for.”

Radakovich is free on bail.

Prosecutors in Susquehanna County hope to have the deadly hit and run case resolved in the next few months.


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