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Choir Director Faces More Sex Abuse Charges

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MARSHALLS CREEK -- More charges have been filed against the founder of a boys' choir who already faces charges of raping a teenage boy nearly 20 years ago.

The new charges have to do with child pornography.

Bernard Schade is already locked up for allegedly raping a teenage boy back in the 1990s.

Now the choir director is facing more than 1,100 additional charges for pictures of child porn troopers discovered hidden away in a neighbor's home.

Earlier this month, Bernard Schade, 74, was in court in Marshalls Creek facing child sex abuse charges.

The Singing Boys of Pennsylvania choir director allegedly raped a teenage choir boy back in the 1990s.

Schade now faces new charges: more than 1,100 counts of child pornography. Troopers say inappropriate photos of children were found in two locked suitcases belonging to Schade that were stowed away at a neighbor's house.

Troopers say Schade called his neighbor Shari Revilla in a recorded phone call from the jail in Monroe County

According to court papers, during that phone call, "Schade specifically requested Revilla to remove two locked suitcases from his house and keep them in a safe place."

When investigators went to Schade's home with a search warrant, they didn't locate the suitcases. State police then called Schade's neighbor, and she told troopers, "the locked suitcases were at her (Revilla's) residence in a locked shed.  revilla further related that she would turn over the cases to PSP."

Investigators said inside those suitcases were 1,101 pictures of children engaging in illegal sexual acts.

Schade faces about 1,100 counts of sexual abuse, criminal solicitation, and tampering with evidence charges.

As of right now there's no indication that there are other victims who were sexually assaulted by Schade but officials are still investigating.


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