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State Police: Attempted Burglary Suspect Bit Man

lacka burg

ROARING BROOK TOWNSHIP — A father and son restrained a man during an attempted burglary in Lackawanna County.

On Thursday April 3, Louis G. Calachino, 21, of Jessup, attempted to burglarize a home on Griffin Road near Scranton but was caught by a father, 51, and son, 29.

According to state police in Dunmore, the father said he was in bed when he heard a loud banging on his front door, then his back door. When he went to check on the noises, no one was there and the doors were damaged.

Authorities said the mother heard Calachino on the roof, who then jumped down and grabbed one of the residents and swung at him.

Officials said the father and son were able to restrain Calachino, who then bit the son on his torso and broke skin.

According to state police, Calachino resisted arrest had to be tased.

Calachino was charged with attempted burglary, criminal trespass, criminal mischief and simple assault.


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