Developing: State Police Zeroing in on Suspect
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

Deadly Fire in Briar Creek Township

BRIAR CREEK TOWNSHIP– Neighbors said it didn’t take long for the deadly fire to consume Mike and Pat Rupp’s trailer on Foundryville Road Friday night.

The fire killed Mike Rupp, 57, along with three dogs.

Lynn Bower said,”Someone called 911 and they tried to get to the trailer, but they said it was too hot, and then it just went very fast. “

Her husband grabbed a hose and tried to help but it was no match for the fierce flames.

Bower said, “I didn’t hear a dog bark, I didn’t hear Mike, and we were standing pretty close to the trailer at that time. “

According to Bower, shortly after the fire broke out, Pat Rupp returned from helping out at Camp Louise, a nearby Girl Scout camp.

She said Rupp told her that she was planning on waking her husband up for his night shift job, but when she arrived she found the house up in flames.

Bower said,”I think she thought they would find him and get him out, but the flames came so quick. “

A Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal returned in the daylight and combed through the wreckage, looking for clues.

According to officials, the fire appears to have started in or around the living room.

Investigators said there were no smoke detectors found.

Tom Burke said his neighbor will be missed.

“Anytime you were loading coal in the cellar or something he would be here to help, if you had something to get rid of metal wise or scrap wise he would take it off your hands for you, he was a very nice guy, nice neighbor,” said Burke.

No cause has been established, but investigators on the scene said they have not found evidence the fire was intentionally set.

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