Rough Roads Could Mean Rough Start to Motorcycle Season

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DICKSON CITY -- Damage done to the roads this winter may mean a bumpy ride for motorcycle riders looking to take advantage of the warm, spring-like weather.

It's mostly cars and trucks on the road these days.  Now that the weather is breaking, more motorcycles will be out and riders are getting revved up.

"Yep, getting out on the roads, Sunday, firing them up and heading out." said Mike Loeffler from Scranton.

Loeffler stopped by Electric City Harley Davidson in Dickson City to make sure he has everything ready for his first ride of the season.

"Helmet, glasses, you know gloves, boots, leather. You can never be too prepared," said Loeffler.

Being prepared could mean renewing your skills and taking a class.

"We would recommend if you would like to take a motorcycle safety course and refresh. Get your sea legs back and then get back on the road." said riding instructor Marty Menichiello.

Menichiello works at Electric City Harley Davidson, but has also been a riding instructor for nearly 30 years. He says drivers may not be used to seeing motorcycles.

"You need to dress with bright-colored clothing. Have more awareness. Just make sure you are seen," said Menichiello.

The long harsh winter has taken a toll on the roads. Motorcyclists say there are more potholes, debris, and cracks in the road they need to look out for in the road while they are driving.

"The roads are… they're horrendous. It's going to take away from just sightseeing. We're going to have to be watching the road for potholes and just obstacles in the road," said Loeffler.

Riders can enroll in a motorcycle safety program course offered through PennDOT. Classes are available through the riding season.

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  • Danielle Ruckle

    Now that Pennsylvania put a gas tax burden into play its time to get to work. Our registration fees have increased, fuel tax increase all to make these roads better. I will make a wager the roads will continue to crumble as politicians get bonuses.

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