Nice Weekend To Start Trout And Camping Seasons

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BENTON TOWNSHIP -- The forecast for this weekend is calling for the warmest temperatures we've seen in seven months, since last October. That's just in time for the opening of trout season Saturday in most of our area.

For a campground in Columbia County, it all adds up to what should be a great weekend to kick off the camping season.

Owner Teresa Wojton is getting a rental cabin at Whispering Pines campground ready for its first guests of the season: some fishermen coming for the start of trout season.

It's also opening weekend at the campground near Benton and the weather is cooperating.

"It's been a long winter, so we're really excited."

One of the first campfires of the season is actually burning away debris still being cleared from last fall.

"I've been looking forward to this since we closed last year to be honest with you, but it's been a long winter, it's been a cold one," said Whispering Pines owner David Wojton.

This place had more than half a foot of snow less than two weeks ago.  The snow fence is still up. They didn't even have a chance to take them down yet. But Whispering Pines is open for the season and looking forward to a great one.

"We just had that snow and the ground was still frozen and last week was really the first week you could really get out and do a lot of the ground work."

Campers have some work to do to on this opening weekend too, getting their campsites set for the season.

Joe Nowakoski brought a cart to start scooting around through the summer.

"I saw it on the calendar and thought, 'woo hoo, this is it, this is it.' We can finally get out here and enjoy the nature a little bit," Nowakoski said.

He and his wife and dog are thrilled with the great forecast.

"have a glass of soda and tomorrow, I'll sit in the sunshine and relax."

Whether people are coming to take advantage of the nearby streams and the start of trout season or just to get camping after a long winter, the place is happy to welcome them and welcome spring.

"We try to come as many weekends as we can. Of course we have other things we do in the summer, but we try to come as much as we can," said Gordon Boyer of Sugarloaf Township. "Just getting started."