Man Charged In Abuse Case Withdraws Plea, Bail Revoked

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SCRANTON — A man has withdrawn a guilty plea in connection with child abuse case in Lackawanna County.

In November 2013, Wayne Kichar of Jessup pleaded guilty to simple assault for injuring his 10-year-old son. 

The boy told investigators that Kichar threw him on a steel chair because he took out a bag of garbage that was not full.

After withdrawing his plea, a judge revoked Kichar’s bail.

Kichar is also suspected of causing a crash in Dunmore that killed a brother and sister from New York in 2011.

Police filed charges against Kichar in that case last year.


  • SLS

    Even if he was using the synthetic marijuana for medicinal reasons, he shouldn’t have been driving the darned truck while on it anyway! Wouldn’t that be considered a DUI? Even legally prescribed pain meds come with warnings about driving. As for being abusive towards his son and over something so stupid no less; the poor kid was just doing his chores, and mr. picture perfect here NOT was expecting more out of a 10 yr old than he clearly could be inofhimself. Losers like this project their misery on others all the time. As for the woman in his life? This boy’s mother? Wake up and smell the coffee and kick this manure to the curb.

  • JP

    If this guy was high on syn. drugs of one form or another, he should receive the same fate as his victims. It is no different than if he had used any other weapon, in this case a dump truck!! He knew the potential consequences and simply didn’t care. Plain and simple his action (or lack thereof) caused the death of two people.

    Personally, I wish the judges and politicians would rewrite law to prevent others from being victims. The perpetrator should receive the same fate as the victim/s.

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