Man Arrested For Allegedly Exposing Himself to Women

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TAYLOR -- A man is facing multiple charges in Lackawanna County after several women claim he exposed himself and followed them.

Police in Taylor arrested Bobby Willard III, 27,  of Hanover Township.

Officers said he exposed himself to two people just minutes apart Thursday afternoon along South Main Street in Taylor.

Newswatch 16 aired a composite sketch of the man Thursday night, then after that report aired, two other women came forward saying the man did the same thing to them and said Willard seemed to be stalking them.

The victim's identified Willard in a photo line-up and he was taken into custody in Lackawanna County.

Police say Willard may be charged in similar cases as their investigation continues.


  • Destany

    I know bobby I used to hang out with him everyday. He used to work with me and he never once came across as a creep. He is a very educated man and has his bachelors degree from kings in psychology. I can’t believe this! I’m sorry for the girls but I’m also sorry for him. He was better then that I’m in shock nothing excuses him but there has to be a reason.

  • Bob Neishman

    How about we make it standard procedure for ALL media, new channels, papers, social media, ect… That any arrested sex offenders, perverts or any other person that puts.our women and children in danger for their face shown over and over again! I am sick of watching the news with these criminals covering up their faces. They should lose that right. We as good people of our communitys should have the right to get a good look at who these people are! God knows they will be back on the streets soon enough and we should have their faces fresh on all our minds.

  • Gina

    It’s all true. He is a pig who has done worse than just expose himself. His family is just sick too and likes to sweep things under the carpet. I related to this scum by marriage and he has hurt enough people in my family than I care to admit. I just thank God he’s been caught and I hope he rots away somewhere far far away

    • B

      I am sorry for you, I can relate. People are more concerned with protecting family members even when they’re clearly messed-up-uber-loser-dirt-bags. Been there done that. I am glad they caught this mess, but it’s unlikely he will do any real time, unless he has a long record already? Hopefully he is a registered offender.

  • Bobbi wells

    I find it appalling that people will comment on what the officer is wearing. Who the hell cares!! This man exposed himself to several women, what if he had done this to your daughter? Sister? Mother? People nauseate me…

  • jay

    There has to be a reason he did it. We need to come together as a community and listen to each other. It’s the only way we’re going to understand each other and learn to get along. – afternoon talk show host

    • Country Living...get over it

      Reason?? Yeah he gets off on that crap. There is your reason. He is a sick f*ck who needs to spend some time with Bubba. There is no excuse or reason for exposing yourself to somebody.

    • B

      I am sure your comment wasn’t a serious one!? The reason why he did it is simply thus; He is one of those young adult males who thinks he is above working his way up the ladder in life woe is him he has to work at jobs that are beneath him earning less than 6 figures. So he is proving his worth by exposing himself. He is projecting his disappointment at a society who doesn’t appreciated him. Gross.
      Or maybe his meds just aren’t working because we all know being a perv is not about being a dirtbag, it’s a disease right?

    • B

      Wait! You want to get together and talk about why he did it?? Really??
      How about we talk about how lucky he is I did not find him doing this in front of 2 16yr old girls that are friends with my son! lets talk about how those brave girls who were responsible for calling their dad while this scum was following them home. Lets talk about the dad of one of these girls who by the way is a state trooper who showed massive restraint in arresting this scumbag and not killing him. Why? He is sick and should not be allowed in public.

    • E

      Big Chief are you fuc***g retarded. I am serious and not simply trying to make you angry. I will repeat, seriously are you fuc***g retarded to actually post something like that. Oh you were just clearly born and raised in nepa, my fault I didn’t realize you really are retarded.

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