Water Polo Show and Tell at Bucknell University

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This week, I embarked on one of my toughest challenges to date, as I traveled to Bucknell University for Women's Water Polo! These girls re-define the term "athlete," with more strength and perseverance than I have ever seen. As the Olympics' oldest team sport, water polo is the only sport in which men and women have the same rules. Its physical, aggressive, and intense. One of the most difficult parts about water polo, is treading water for hours on end. I am not a very good swimmer to begin with, but trying to stay afloat while passing, shooting and defending the net, was extremely taxing. The Bucknell Women's Water Polo Coach, John McBride, gave me my own suit and cap, so at least I could look the part, but acting the part was a completely different story. I quickly learned that I was better on defense, than I was on offense. I became aggressive and learned that kicking, shoving, and pulling your opponent, was all part of the game. I left Bucknell's pool with the utmost respect for these athletes, and know I have at least a decade of hard work ahead of me, before I can compete with them again.  You can find the Women's Water Polo schedule online at http://www.bucknellbison.com .


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