Talkback Feedback: The Roads

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Well, Scott was on the road Thursday night, which is fitting because this week's Talkback Feedback is dedicated to the roads of northeastern and central PA, and what you are saying about them.


  • James Bletz

    About the one guy that called talkback about Penn Dot paving now and not in the winter…. It is pavement and with the bad and cold winter they can NOT fix all the pot holes , to cold.. and hmm.. water gets under the pavement and then freezes. then it expands and causes pot holes and raised pavement.. … Its NOT their fault… And NOW of course people are going to complain about them fixing them now.. HMMM… guess they can not win or loose… maybe just go back to dirt and stone roads… and have the ones complain take care of them.

  • Robert Torch

    I understand that certain roads in Scranton will be paved over the coming months, but what about all the potholes on those roads that are not scheduled to be paved? Why is it that the city of Scranton fumbles around on a daily basis instead of fixing those areas. Why is it that the gas and water companies who dug up the roads over the winter to fix breaks havn’t patched those areas yet?? Who’s responsible for paving the two roads between Throop and Scranton?? I’m talking about Boulvard Ave. and Olypant Ave. Both of those roads are a complete mess, even the Colts buses wont drive on Boulvard Ave. With the increased traffic on Olypant Ave now, the road is a complete mine field. The potholes on Olypant Ave are as wide as a lane. People have to drive on the other side of the road in order to get by. Also there is not proper drainage on either one of those roads, when it rains both roads flood out, and causes panic amoung drivers.
    I dare someone from Talkback 16 to go out mid day tomorrow during the rain storm and try to drive those two roads. I promise you it wont be easy.
    FYI – don’t bring a car…….

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