Spring Cleaning Takes To The Sidewalks

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DICKSON CITY -- The sidewalks of one community in Lackawanna County really show what spring cleaning looks like. Dickson City is one of many municipalities helping residents haul away what they grew tired off this winter and workers say what they find may surprise you.

Stacey Narcoonis of Dickson city Says it was a big sigh of relief when her old sectional that's lingered too long made its way out to the sidewalk.

"It sure is. It was in our way in the basement and it's nice to know that we can get rid of it and we can use the space a little easier now," Narcoonis said.

In the springtime sun in Dickson City instead of people out for a stroll, you'll see the stuff they wished they could send packing this winter. And what you find might surprise you: curbside memories of a time gone by a toilet of a different color and a foosball table from long ago and far away.

Over the next few weeks, sidewalks in the borough will be filled with the stuff that didn't survive spring cleaning.

"When you see all the piles out there, you just kind of dread it. You're not looking forward to it, them three weeks out of the year that we have to do it," Dickson City street department worker Jim Zielinski said.

Dickson City DPW says the theme of this year's spring cleanup is furniture, particularly couches, which you wouldn't think is a whole lot of extra work for the guys picking up the trash. But start by picturing all these couches piled up behind the borough DPW garage.

"They pile them up here. The guys have to spend some time when they're done taking the metal off and taking that to the scrap yard, putting the rest of it back in the dumpster. It's not just that you drive down here and throw it away and we're done with it, you know?"

Zielinski says the annual spring cleanup takes about a month in all. They start by picking up wood items, then electronics will be picked up for recycling, then the garbage that doesn't really fit in to a category.

But, in the end it's all worth it.

"Yeah, because it makes a big difference, cleanup time. We're looking for the nice weather, clean up the yard," said Mandy Smith of Dickson City.

Folks in Dickson city Should check the borough's web site to see when they can let go of the old and make room for the new.

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