Power To Save: Month-Long Cleanup Underway

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April is considered Earth Month and in Pennsylvania the state has a theme for the month this year: Pick It Up PA.

It comes as many people are noticing an excess of litter along some roadways.

PennDOT crews have been busy picking up litter along Interstate 81 in Scranton and elsewhere this week but many people, including some of our Talkback 16 callers, have been noticing that after this winter, there's a lot to pick up.

"My wife and I are visiting from California. I've never seen a more filthy state in all my life. It's horrendous. Don't you people take pride in your state?" asked a Talkback 16 caller.

There may be a lot of litter but the answer to that Californian's question is, yes, there are people who take pride in this state, and are ready to clean it up.

"It's a shame in a way, but I'm excited that if we can play a small role in cleaning it up. That's what's most important," Gail Rees.

Rees helped organize a cleanup scheduled for Saturday morning in the Clarks Summit area.  The Abington Business Professional Association is looking for volunteers to pick up litter.

"It's not just in our Abington area, it's everywhere. It's prevalent.  I think if more groups get out there and tackle it, it's going to be better for the communities and the environment, certainly."

Volunteers will also be clearing litter along Route 407 near Lackawanna State Park on Saturday morning.

Another group will target trash on streets in part of south Scranton.

All are events registered with the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania.

"It's a great program because they supply all of the supplies you need to clean up, the garbage bags, the work gloves, the vests," explained Barb Tierney.

Tierney is helping organize the cleanup in south Scranton.

"Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, you can pick up garbage around your home and it just makes the area a lot better."

If you want to get involved in the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania, and want to clean up litter near you, there are events all over our area this month. You can find them here.

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