One Run for Boston Passes Through Central PA

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A relay that is going from Los Angeles to Boston passed through part of our area Thursday. Step by step, the runners from central Pennsylvania ran a route through Stonington for one reason, to raise money for the victims of last year's Boston Marathon bombing.

"Local running community got together and decided it was something we all felt we needed to be involved in to raise funds for the one fund of Boston," Bob Welby said.

The relay is called one run for Boston and it started last month in Los Angeles. Athletes from all over the U.S. run across the country in shifts, ending in Boston later this month. Several stages of the run came through Schuylkill, Snyder and Northumberland Counties. The runners pass a baton, which is equipped with a GPS tracking device.

"Just think how many miles this baton has traveled in roughly three weeks, and it's almost home. It's almost home to Boston," Jeremy Hand said.

This year more than 50 runners from our area participated in One Run for Boston. They say they're happy to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

"The victims of the marathon were mostly spectators so we're here to support them for supporting us," Welby said.

"It's really nice to know that we're supporting the victims and their families of those people who lost their lives," Mark Sullivan said.

Later this month, Mark Sullivan of Selinsgrove plans to run in his 38th Boston Marathon. He and some of the other runners were in Boston last year during the tragedy.

"There was just this dark cloud over it and this has really helped to sort-of get rid of that feeling. It gives you hope and makes you look forward to the event and I'm really hoping it's going to change people's attitudes towards Boston. We don't want the Boston Marathon to always be associated with the bombings," Sullivan said.

The Boston Marathon is April 21st.

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  • darlene

    It’s nice that runners that have an extra $50.00 to participate in the event. Although I wanted to support the event but am on a strict budget. Therefore not being able to parcipate in the event.

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