Man Allegedly Follows Woman, Tries to Run Her off Road

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP — Police in Pittston Township released a surveillance picture of a man who they believe followed a woman around Walmart Wednesday night, and did even worse outside the store.

Officers said he followed her down Route 315, all the way to Wilkes-Barre, in his vehicle and tried to run her car off the road.

The woman claims the man also tried to expose himself as they were driving.

If you recognize the man in the picture, please call Pittston Township Police at (570) 655-6350.


  • mdog

    BLW i don’t drink much and i don’t care to watch but i like to
    run free in the woods and bark at the red moon. if that helps.

  • Dave The Cat Man

    I agree with Rob Sparks. However, in my case I would dole out justice to people who hurt animals !!!!!

  • Rob Sparks

    One day God will let me catch one of these scumbags in the act. And i am prepared to suffer & pay the consiquence of my violent actions towards them.

  • CaptainMerica234

    Might as well just be an Exibitionist.. Which is a psychological disorder.. He’s probably the same guy that they’re looking for from Taylor which leads me to believe that is the case.. They’re generally non violent so I agree with Patrick Nicholson.. No need for a gun but he does need help

  • Alexandre Arnau

    Hopefully, the next woman will have a license to carry a gun, and a gun to go with it, and shoot this guy in the face.

    • Tom R

      That is not how a conceal carry permit works, you cannot just shoot someone in the face for waving their wiener at you. You must be actively engaged in a defense of your life or property from peril or threat to discharge your weapon. If you shoot someone for indecent exposure, you will be arrested.

  • patrick nicholson

    maybe he wasnt trying to run her off the road, maybe he was losing control of his car when he was trying to show of his little pee pee, keep in mind you would have to stand up to be visible over the door panel!

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