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Game Commission Cuts Doe Permits For Pocono Region

STROUDSBURG — If you’re looking to bag a doe next hunting season, that might become an even bigger challenge for hunters in the Poconos.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission announced some major cuts to doe permits in that region.

Lining up the perfect shot and keeping his aim on target, hunter Ralph Tedesco gets some practice in at this shooting range in Tobyhanna run by the game commission. Tedesco says he rarely has the opportunity to take a shot at any deer during the season.

“It’s always slip pickings, really. If you’re fortunate, you get to see something, if you’re really fortunate, you get to shoot something, so it’s not too often,” Tedesco said.

To try to change that, the game commission just announced it is cutting doe permits in the Poconos.

Only 25,000 will be issued as opposed to last season’s 32,000. It’s about a 20 percent cut.

“I think you hear certain hunters, certain members of the public saying they’re not seeing enough deer and I think this is a reflection of the board of commissioners heard the hunters,” said wildlife conservation officer Ryan Gildea.

Mike Watson of East Stroudsburg browses hunting gear at Dunklebergers in Stroudsburg and says he missed out on a doe permit last season. He says the new rules are frustrating.

“A little bit, yeah, I mean last year I couldn’t shoot any doe and on top of that, it has to be three on one side.  I only had a buck permit,” Watson said.

Others in Monroe County say they’re not so sure reducing permits is the solution to increasing the population.

“It’s possible, it’s possible but a lot of them get hit alongside the road.  So with all the traffic and everything, you see them along the roads,” said Phillip Counterman of Stroudsburg.

Bob Carey of Stroudsburg believes the game commission made the right call, saying this major cut in permits isn’t an issue at all.

“Not really, I roll with the punches. I don’t hunt as much as I used to, but I think they’re doing a good job.”

You can begin applying for doe permits in early July.



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