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Brush Fires Reported in 14 Local Counties

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Brush fires have been reported in 14 counties in our viewing area.

In Union County, officials said open fire burned more than 80 acres of land in New Berlin Township.

Fire officials in Lackawanna County said more than 50 acres of wooded land burned in a brush fire in the Simpson area near Carbondale.

Conditions were windy and dry, causing the blaze to spread quickly.

Crews attacked it from the ground and the air.

"We have probably 10 brush fire units right now working this fire, two are forestry units, we had one to three air-tankers come in, " said Joe Yunis of Gattan Singer Fire Company

The smoke from the fire could be seen for miles.

"I came up the Casey Highway, and I could see all the smoke, and the wind was pushing it over the mountain which was good, and then when I got up here, there were all fire trucks up here," said Naomi Woody who lives in Simpson.

People we spoke with said when there are brush fires nearby, they go on alert.

"Yeah, we don't need any brush fires, we don't need all that," said Joseph Woody of Simpson.

"I'm 81-years-old, and I live by myself and I'm scared," said Joan Palmiero of Simpson.